Technology Incubation and Development of Entrepreneurs (TIDE) 2.0


To promote tech entrepreneurship through financial and technical support to incubators engaged in supporting ICT startups using emerging technologies such as IoT, AI, Block-chain, Robotics etc. in preidentified areas of societal relevance.

Scheme Highlights:

Primary focus on the following sectors:




Environment and clean tech

Clean energy solutions

Other emerging areas (flexibility to support tech startups to address societal challenges in ICTE areas)

The TIDE 2.0 scheme envisages provisioning support to tech startups during the entire journey from idea-to-marketstage.

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As a TIDE 2.0 Group 2 Centre, SRiXis accepting application for the TIDE 2.0 scheme from across the country from tech startups working in emerging technologies such as IoT, AI, Blockchain, Robotics etc in predefined areas of societal relevance.

To support such startups,SRiX is accepting application from innovators across the nation to support them with the following:

Incubation Support/Services:

Technical expertise, business mentorship and IP facilitation support

World-class office space

State-of-art fab lab and rapid prototyping facilities

Access to SRiXstartup ecosystem and workshops regarding entrepreneurship in SRiX

Networking & Connections

Further funding/incubation support after the prototyping stage.

Financial support:

Grant-in-Aid to the tune of Rs. 4 Lakh per startupwill be provided to any startup having an idea, to be utilized for validation and development of an idea.

Grant-in-Aid to the tune of Rs. 7 Lakh per startupwill be provided to nascent startups having a definite proof of concept which are to be further developed into Minimum Viable Products (MVP).

Duration :

The duration of the Program is for 12 months.

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+91 80080 25400

SRiX - SR Innovation Exchange

SRiX helps startups build innovative products using hardware and software technologies such as IoT, AI, VR/AR, and Data Analytics in the strategic areas of Agriculture, Healthcare, Environment & Education by providing Maker Spaces, Technology Innovation Labs, Business Incubation, and market access with a Go-To-Market strategy.

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