SRiX is inviting applications from startups and innovators to the NIDHI PRAYAS Program, sponsored by DST, Govt of India.

  The program caters to idea-stage entrepreneurs with a physical product offering, who require support for prototyping. This is a platform where they can quickly experiment and reiterate their working models in the idea-to-market journey. We call the selected applicants as PRAYASEEs.

  Apply and avail Grant-in-aid upto Rs 10 Lakhs for prototype development with access to infrastructure support, mentorship, Fabrication Lab, 3D Printing and Business facilitation.


  Grant-in-aid upto Rs 10 Lakhs.

  Co-working space & administrative support.

  Access to high-end prototyping facilities.

  Tailored mentorship on Innovation management, Business development, IP management, Legal compliances, Mobilizing resources, and other related activities.

  Scope for follow on funding and handholding towards successful commercialization.

The eligibility criteria for the applicants for PRAYAS program are as follows :

Any individual applying for PRAYAS has to be an Indian Citizen with a government approved proof of nationality such as a valid passport, voter’s id etc. The applicant should be in the age group of minimum of 18 years, as on date of application.

  1. Individual Innovator OR Team of Innovators:

    The innovator should have the knowledge of the PRAYAS project. For team of innovators there has to be -

    • An agreement among the team about the lead innovator who would apply, and the funds will be transferred to the lead innovator’s account (after selection)
    • IP generated would vest with the innovator / team and it would be further taken for commercialization

  2. In case of Founders, Co -founders of Start up applying for PRAYAS:

    • At the time of application, the period of existence of a start-up and its operations should not exceed 7 years from the Date of Incorporation,
    • Wants to develop the prototype for a new product, for which they may have not received similar kind of support.
    • Company should have annual turnover not exceeding Rs. 25 lakhs for any of the financial year since its inception
    • IP generated would vest with the start up

  3. Innovators in employment OR Students with any R& D organisation / Academic Institution:

    • It is mandatory that the innovators pursuing PRAYAS should have the Project know how and own the IP.
    • The innovator has to seek the NOC from their organisation / institution. The NOC should have the following
      • Permission to apply for PRAYAS and the innovator will be granted sufficient time to work on the PRAYAS project,
      • IP generated would vest with the innovator / team and it would be further taken for commercialization.

Other Terms and Conditions

  1. The applicant will be fully committed to work towards the prototype development for which the support is being sought and should not treat this as a stop gap arrangement to support any other pursuits
  2. Applicant and their team member should not have availed of any NIDHI-PRAYAS grant in the past or similar support previously for the same innovative concept as proposed in this form. NIDHI-PRAYAS can be used only once.
  3. Applicant if selected for NIDHI-PRAYAS, then they (applicant and their team members) can avail support for their project from only one PRAYAS Centre (PC). If the applicant is found seeking NIDHI-PRAYAS support for the same idea from two different PCs, then the PC reserves right to discontinue the PRAYAS support and appropriate action will be taken on the applicant.
  4. Applicant & their Team members cannot avail the funding support simultaneously from both the schemes i.e NIDHI-PRAYAS and NIDHI - EIR, from the same or different TBIs.

Guidelines for Use of funds by the PRAYASEE

  1. Outsourcing Charges for R & D/Design Engg./Consultancy/Testing/Expert cost
  2. Raw material/ Consumables/Spares
  3. Fabrication /Synthesis charges of working model or process
  4. Business Travel and Event participation Fees (Ceiling 10% of approved project cost)
  5. Patent filing Cost – (PCT- Ceiling 10% of approved project cost)
  6. Contingency - (Ceiling 10% of approved project cost)
  7. It will not be used:

  8. To pay the grantee/relatives.
  9. To pay usage charges to the TBI.
  10. To repay loans/commitments made earlier.
  11. To pay rent of own accommodation, creation of infrastructure facility like shed etc should not form the component of support/funds.

The support/funds should be mainly for prototype development work/proof of concept.

For further queries please contact:

+91 80080 25400

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