AI for Business:

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly emerging as the most transformative technology of this time. Recent advances in machine learning are changing the landscape of business as we know it.

When applied correctly, AI can help all businesses today accomplish mundane tasks faster and with much greater accuracy, enabling businesses to focus on growth.

AI can also be used to detect patterns in data, usually undetectable by humans. This provides deeper insights to businesses and helps them make better decisions.

The future is open for businesses to transform their core processes and business models to take advantage of AI's capabilities. Rather than miss the opportunity, businesses must be proactive and embrace AI to propel growth and gain a competitive advantage in their industry.

AI for Business is designed to give business owners (Industry & Start-up's) an understanding of the AI landscape.

The programme provides a structured methodology/templates on how to approach, organize and solve problems using AI. The program also features a live technical session by experts who will demonstrate how to implement an AI framework to implement the methodologies.


AI for Business is delivered over 2 immersive days by faculty members from Deakin University, Australia.

Day 1: Method, How to organize and solve the problem (how to think)

Day 2: Framework, how to put pipelines together - Intro to tech


Scott Barnett

Technologist, Researcher and Engineer

Consultant - Deakin University.

Scott Barnett is currently involved in designing the architecture for an AI platform being developed at the Deakin Software and Technology Innovation Laboratory. The focus of this project is to produce a platform that reduces the time to build, train and deploy machine learned models. His work consists of collaborating with AI Experts and Engineers, defining processes for collaboration between the team and understanding the requirements for training multiple-models in an ensemble in near real-time.

Rajesh Vasa

Deputy Director

Deakin Software & Technology Innovation Lab

Rajesh Vasa is currently associated with The Innovation Lab provides R&D-as-a-service. The lab specializes in creating high impact innovative solutions using a range of contemporary tools and techniques. He leads the innovation and engineering efforts within the group, responsibilities include working with clients to scope problems and solving them by coordinating the research and engineer effort. Work often also includes creating new algorithms/data analysis models, and traditional research.

He is specialized in using technology to create innovative digital solutions, his traditional research focus is in the area of software deployment/maintenance, and light-weight project management methods. Current research effort is in the emerging area of data science and using a range of different techniques to analyze data.


22 & 23 March, 2019.

Eligibility : Startup founders solving problems using AI & ML.

Note : Entry strictly by invitation only, please register to get Invite.


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