Designing Customer Experiences

The second of the series in the product development tools - Designing Customer Experiences.

Products are a means to end. Customers are buying the experience the product delivers or purports to deliver. Particularly today when technological advancements have a shorter shelf life, businesses have to constantly innovate to keep up with the changing demands of users and delight them.

The webinar will focus on how to bring customer voice into the early design process with precision and confidence. We will look at how to increase product attractiveness through focusing on the winning attributes, thus enhancing the perception of the product by the customer.

Facilitators :

Dr. Suneel is Senior Lecturer at Leeds Business School. An expert in technology commercialization, Dr. Suneel lectures on Business Enterprise, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation. Prior to joining Leeds Beckett and entering Business and Management research and education, Dr. Suneel worked as a Technology transfer specialist at the University of Leeds and Research Scientist at GE Advanced Materials.

Dr. Suneel Kunamaneni, Phd (Physics, U.Leeds), MBA (Alliance MBS)

Senior Lecturer in Innovation Management,

Academic Director, The Retail Institute,

Course Leader, MSc Entrepreneurship and Business Development

Dr. Suneel has spent the past ten years evangelizing social and eco-innovation and entrepreneurship through his various teaching, mentoring, research and consultancy activities. He drives innovation ecosystems for developing and diffusing ideas and solutions to address pressing socio-environmental problems.

Dr. Suneel drives innovation ecosystems for developing and diffusing ideas and solutions to address pressing socio-environmental problems. A calculated risk-taker with deep technical knowledge of materials, Dr. Suneel has championed commercialization of eco-materials and technologies with Universities, MNC labs, Startups, and private technology licensors, and has built a reputation for developing new business strategies and incubating new business models that minimize the impact on the environment, including reuse business models. As a lead academic at the Retail Institute (Leeds Beckett University), Dr. Suneel is also currently advising many UK retailers, global brands, and startups on eco-design using life cycle principles, biobased materials, and zero-waste business models.

As a senior lecturer in Innovation management at Leeds Business School (UK), Dr. Suneel has also fed his insatiable interest in sustainable innovation in emerging countries and inclusive growth. His interest in emerging countries is rooted in his concerns that current growth based business models cannot solve issues surrounding the environment, and affordable access to food and well-being. He is currently the principal investigator on a UKIERI (UK India Education and Research Initiative) project on Agri-Innovation and Entrepreneurship, exploring various themes such as agri-tech, climate-resilient agriculture, livelihoods and agri-waste valorization."


Event Date : 14 th July 2020

TIME :   3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Eligibility: Student Innovators, Innovators and entrepreneurs, startups.

Prior registration is mandatory. The meeting link will be shared day before the event.

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